Resources for the 2017 Safety Stand Down will be available soon.

The theme of the 2016 Safety Stand Down was “The First Five Minutes: Stretching the Initial Hose Line, Putting Water on the Fire.” The theme focused on what all personnel should be doing in the initial five minutes of fire incident response to ensure the safest, most efficient response.

The following resources are designed to help Chiefs, Incident Commanders, Company Officers, Firefighters, and Training Officers focus on the first five minutes of fire response so that all members of your department are ready for the next call.

Safety Stand Down 2016 Training Resources: The First Five Minutes

SCBA and Facepiece Inspection

Additional Resources

In addition, the following resources can help you focus on the safety of personnel:

If your department or organization has safety resources you would like to share, click here.

Together we can protect our first responders and avoid tragedy by creating a culture in our fire service where safety always comes first.